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The Exhibitions

Every year, concurrently with the permanent presentation of its collections, the museum holds two major temporary shows. As a rule, their theme is based on the museum’s identity, history and collections, as well as on the desire to keep the institution open to current artistic activity.

Some exhibitions have a historical character, Chagall et l'avant-garde russe dans les collections du Musée national d'Art moderne /Chagall and the Russian Avant-garde in the collections of the Musée national d'Art moderne (5 March /29 May 2011).

Others are based on the museum’s collections. In the spring of 2010, Italian drawings, the first part of a triptych devoted to the museum’s collections of drawings. Followed, in 2011, by French drawings, and, in 2014, by Nordic drawings.

Others still emphasize contemporary art, Stephan Balkenhol, Sculptures et dessins. Sculptures and Drawings (30 October 2010 /23 January 2011)

Lastly, every year the museum reaches out to Grenoble’s inhabitants by offering an extra-muros exhibition in one of the city’s neighbourhood facilities.


22nd of November 2014 – 22nd of February 2015

Giuseppe Penone has not had a big exhibition in a French museum since his retrospective at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 2004. For his exhibition at Musée de Grenoble, he has designed a very open exhibition that will combine old works and new creations, sculptures and murals, monumental pieces and intimate works. In the manner of Bachelard, it will offer a reverie about the pieces, sensual and poetic daydreams which incidentally lead to a renewed approach to the relationship of man with nature and the deep links and independent bonds between them. Wood, marble, bronze and also plants, silk, leather, graphite will form a large number of sculptures as well as an in-situ installation. They will be accompanied by a selection of drawings, many unpublished, which will inform their genesis.

The exhibition will be sub-divided into five sections. The first will discuss touch in order to capture what we feel and see around us. The second will focus on skin, discussing the border between outside and inside which contains and protects our vital fluids. The third will focus on breathing. The blowing of the wind through the leaves, the breath that animates the body to illustrate the links between man and nature. The fourth will explore : mineral, vegetable and animal. The fifth is a celebration of the beauty nature.

Curator of the exhibition

Guy Tosatto, chief curator and director of the Musée de Grenoble