Guided Tour

mercredi 24 avril 2024

The musée de Grenoble presents, in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, an exhibition dedicated to the major 20th century artist Joan Miró.

Bringing together more than 130 artworks, the exhibition titled Miró. Un brasier de signes, offers an overview of the artist’s production from the collection of the national museum of modern art, completed by additional artworks from the musée de Grenoble and the Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

Recounting the Catalan artist’s career and oeuvre, this exhibition wanders through his different life stages; from his early years in Montroig and Barcelona, to his arrival in Paris in the early 1920s in the midst of surrealism emergence, via his “wild paintings” from the 1930-1940s, until his last years in Palma de Mallorca with his series of Constellations. From 1956 onward, Miró’s oeuvre takes a new turn, influenced by his establishment in his workshop built by his friend, the architect Joseph Lluis Sert. In full possession of his artistic skills, Miró engages in an array of experimentation. This exhibition offers a privileged insight on his final work from the 1960-1970s, a period of introspective exile and intense experimentation as he asserts his profound desire for freedom, the antidote to academicism and oppression.

Guided tour :

May 25th, June 23rd at 3 pm
Length of the visit : 1h30